Fulfillment Center

Testing, QC, Picking, Packaging, Fulfillment

Indiana Warehouse is a logistics and fulfillment center,  leader throughout Indiana and the Midwest. We offer flexibility and technological innovation to allow your company to grow and meet any seasonal demands you may encounter.

Fulfillment Center

Full-Service Fulfillment Center

Indiana Warehouse handles every step of the process, so you can focus on growing your business. We improve your efficiency and save your business money with our in-house fulfillment solutions.

  • Inventory management. We receive, sort, and shelf your inventory so that we can keep track of your products and shop your orders quickly.
  • Repacking/Co-packing. We can re-pack or co-pack your pre-packaged products to kit, bundle, or seal your products in countless different ways to meet your needs and prepare your goods for sale on the retail market.
  • Product testing. As part of returns and reverse logistics, our team provides quality product testing to make sure both you and your customers are consistently satisfied.
  • Quality control Inspections. We add checkpoints throughout our process to guarantee quality control for each and every stage of fulfillment. We never sacrifice quality.
  • Barcoding, re-packaging, labeling. We properly identify and label, re-pack, or barcode each product to guarantee the accuracy of all associated information.
  • Subassembly, kitting, pack, pack and ship. Simplify your supply chain and add value to your business by taking advantage of our in-house packing, kitting, and subassembly team.
  • Order fulfillment. We will send your products directly to your customer’s door, making sure that it maintains the same quality appearance as when the order was first filled.