Cross Docking & Consolidation Services

Indiana Warehouse provides efficient, value-adding cross docking and consolidation services to meet even the most challenging and demanding requirements. Our outstanding logistics team is dedicated to accurately separating shipments and setting them towards new destinations or consolidating them for storage.

Cross Docking

Reduce your Costs
with Cross Docking

Our intensive inventory management procedures guarantee error-free cross-dock or consolidation operations. When we receive a shipment, we can take goods and pieces from various pallets and consolidate them onto one. We then put them onto multiple pallets as per necessary requirements. Or we re-load them onto a different trailer for outbound transportation services.

Unload, Scan, Label, Re-load

Our advanced technological systems allow us to thoroughly control the flow of all parts and materials. We know where each part, good, or product is from the time it arrives at our warehouse to right when it arrives at its destination. Regardless of whether each product is cross-docked or consolidated, we scan and label each and every piece that we receive to guarantee absolute accuracy.

18 Dock Doors, Loading Ramps
+ Process Intelligence.

Cross Docking Made Easy

Through our effective and error-free cross-dock and consolidation system, we reduce your costs and streamline the flow of your materials all with the security and accuracy that brings you a peace of mind. Our 290,000+ square foot facility with 18 loading docks and knowledgeable staff allows us to serve our customer needs, large, small, or seasonal.  With 40 years of combined experience in Third Party Logistics, you can count on Indiana Warehouse to be your partner when you are in need of cross docking and other logistics services expertise. We strive to meet all expectations, no matter how varied and unique.

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